Do you want to find a cheap E&O insurance for insurance agents? If so, we can help you best ones in less time. E&O insurance is known by many names. For example, errors and omissions insurance and professional liability insurance. Not just for insurance agents, but it is relevant for a professional working in any field. Having an E&O insurance will make your insurance claim process much easier.  

Cost of Errors And Omissions insurance 

According to Insureon, E&O insurance costs around $45 per month, or $550 per year, on average. So, affordability is not a problem when it comes to E&O insurance. However, we are sure you still want to pay as little as possible. So, as insurance agents, we probably do not need to tell you about the ways to reduce insurance costs. After all, you are the expert in the subject matter. Still, we will list some ways for you to land really cheap errors and omissions insurance so you can carry on searching insurance leads. 

cheap e&o insurance for insurance agents
insurance claim process

Ways To Get Cheap E&O Insurance For Insurance Agents 

Getting professional liability insurance is even more essential than learning how to start an insurance agencyIt is the essence of what is insurance broker, and their work. 

  • First of all, find an independent insurance agency that can get you quotes from multiple carriers. 
  • Next, after shopping around choose a coverage option and start working without any worries. 
  • You can get the policy from a carrier you represent, as you will know them well. 
  • However, remember to be careful even though you have insurance for making mistakes. After all, it is a matter of your reputation. 

Furthermore, cheap or not errors and omissions insurance is a must-have policy for all insurance agents. You must find an agent who can help you finalize the policy or do it yourself. Likewise, sometimes it may be mandatory by law or by your company policy. It depends on your location or state.

So, stay aware of the dangers of not having insurance for when a client files a lawsuit after your mistakes. After all, sometimes you might make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly. It is your safety net to make an insurance claim in case anything goes wrong. Most importantly, it can help save your career whether you are a senior or a junior.

Finally, feel free ask us more questions related to insurance claim process or other insurance topics.

insurance claim process